HackMIT 2017
Design, branding, and marketing

HackMIT is one of the nation's largest hackathons. Organized by MIT students and held on MIT campus in September, HackMIT brings together over 1,000 college students from around the world to hack over a 24-hour period.

The HackMIT organizing committee is a group of 20-30 MIT undergraduates dedicated to empowering students through technology and innovation. As the head of the 2017 Marketing committee, I was in charge of the branding and design for the event.

Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator

This year's branding revolved around a futuristic design theme as well as an overall focus on community.

To focus on the hacker community, we introduced factions, which placed hackers in one of two groups: red or blue, and encouraged community involvement with many day-of challenges.

We decided to concentrate on the use of red and blue as a design motif for HackMIT 2017.

Our branding was also inspired by Back to the Future, and we borrowed many iconic elements from the film series that we believed embodied innovation and crazy hacks.

Website Design
Adobe XD

Website design concept by Jessica Tang.

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Hack Letters
Foamcore Modeling
Spray Painting

In honor of the MIT hacking culture, every year we announce the arrival of HackMIT with a physical hack: the hack letters.

We based this year's shapes on Annie Zhang's 2016 design, while giving them a red/blue futuristic twist.

We released the letters one per day as HackMIT 2017 approached.

Adobe Illustrator

It was an honor shaping the design of HackMIT 2017 alongside Jenny Xu, Shannon Peng, Jierui Fang, Jessica Tang, Anjali Nambrath, Clare Liu, and the rest of the HackMIT committee!

Check out what HackMIT has been up to here: