Self-Study Web Application
UI Design

Desk is a web application that helps aspiring self-learners be more efficient, motivated, and organized while self-studying or learning a new topic.

I built Desk with Stef Ren, Catheryn Li, and Runpeng Liu as our final project for MIT's Software Studio (6.170) class.

UI Design




Study Track

Application Design
Existing Solutions

Current solutions for self-study rely heavily on site-specific material; for example, Coursera and edX help track progress through a course that is not user-specific and cannot be modified or augmented with other study materials.

Our app’s approach will allow users to keep track of their personalized self-study track. Desk allows users to easily find materials that are complementary to the resources they are already using.

Key Concepts

In order design a web application that effectively helps users self-learn, we identified key concepts we would use, as well as purposes and operational principles for each. Here are the concepts used in Desk:

To describe the relationship and constraints between different elements of our application, we diagrammed a data model:

Check out Desk for yourself here!